About Us

Kayd Mayd Staff

Kayd Mayd specializes in 3D printing high quality, unique, affordable water pipes, dugouts, dab rigs and smoking accessories. Our warehouse can carry over 800,000 pieces and we have the capability to print up to 4,000 new pieces a day.

All our pieces are designed and produced by us at our factory in Northeast Iowa. Kayd Mayd has been in business for 6 years and employs 7 people in full-time positions.

In 2019 we ramped up production, with Kayd Mayd 3D printing our brand products to include mass orders for wholesale customers that focus on bringing quality as well as affordability to smokers around the world.

We also do design and production work for other industries and welcome any inquiries from us regarding this. We produce:

  • Integrated parts for hospital bed manufacturers,
  • Unique custom products for the construction industry,
  • Safety equipment for law enforcement officials,
  • Offer custom collaborations with Fresh Glass Co., Pulsar, Huni Badger, and many more companies.

  • We know everyone has different needs. That's why we carry a massive selection of merchandise. Shop with us and earn rewards with every purchase by joining the Kayd Mayd loyalty program.

    Like what we do? So do we — we look forward to seeing your comments and kudos on our social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Looking for giveaways, contests, and notices on sweet deals? Head on over to our socials, follow us and be sure to leave a few nice comments. Smoking is not the only way to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Here at Kayd Mayd we can help you get high or help you bring your ideas to life. So, if you need help bringing a product to market or just want to smoke, reach out to us at sales@kaydmayd.com


    Kayd, Candy, Trevor, Nick, Dave Jr, Katy, Kimberly, Beatrice and let’s not forget Reina. We are all Minions at Kayd Mayd. Kayd Mayd employees and owners all participate in every task at the factory.

    From product development to cleaning the bathrooms we are all working together to bring you a high-quality low-cost product. We are a family here, we care about our customers, products, and each other.

    Come join our family - Buy a Kayd Mayd product today!
    Kayd The Mad Scientist