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Juul Holsters

The last thing you want to do is buy an expensive vaporizer and not give it any protection from hits, bumps, and drops. After all, the most common accessory for any cell phone is a protective case. But along with protection, you also want something that looks cool, has a good ergonomic feel to it and that is exactly what we have made. Our JUUL Holsters come in a variety of options and colors to suit whatever you’re looking for. For select models, we use only the best 3M adhesive to stick your JUUL holster to the back of your cell phone or in your car for easy access. While other models utilize paracord to be worn as a necklace. If you would like a holster that also holds extra pods, we have that too! Plus, utilizing the technology of The McFloatinator, we have engineered and designed the best the airtight and waterproof JUUL Holster on the market! Now you can go anywhere and know your JUUL is safe from the elements. With this many options available, picking the one you want is going to be tough.