How To Carefully Clean KaydMayd Pipes

First, make sure if your pipe is comprised of multiple pieces (i.e., down stem, carb, banger, dab tool, silicone containers, and bowl), make sure you disassemble the pipe and clean each element individually.


You can clean your pipes with household items you already have at home. By combining 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt like kosher or table salt, you’ll have created a solution that is effective at cleaning a dirty pipe.

- The isopropyl alcohol breaks down the resin and gunk that has built up in your pipe, and it also helps remove stains that the cannabis resin leaves behind.

- The salt works to help dislodge resin and gunk that has stuck onto the pipe; that’s why it’s so important to use coarse salt. In addition to the alcohol and salt, you’ll need a plastic sandwich bag and toothpicks or cotton swabs.

The most important piece of advice we will leave you with is that you should regularly clean your KaydMayd pipes. This will make it easier and faster to clean every time you need to clean it, plus you will constantly be able to experience the awesome sensation of smoking out of a clean pipe. 

Now if you’re in need of a cleaning station our Fresh Glass Co Ultimate Iso-Station would serve you nicely! The Ultimate Iso-Station is built to hold a 16oz bottle of Iso-Shine 99 Quartz & Glass Cleaner and completely organize your dab Station.

It conveniently holds cotton swabs, Dabbers, Bubble or Spinner caps, 10 14 & 19mm male & female ground glass joints (Bowls, Bagers, Nails, Etc.), and comes with 2 silicone containers for your concentrates. The Ultimate Iso-Station even has a place to keep the reservoir cap, so you don't have to worry about losing it anymore. Made of durable heat resistant, chemical resistant medical grade abs. 
*Comes with 2 silicone containers and 1 dab tool only, all other accessories available separately. Does not come with a bottle of Iso-Shine 99.

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