They can be! Read on for more details ...

Kayd Mayd is a 3D printing design & manufacturer located in the heart of United States. We specialize in custom pipes, dab rigs & other smoking accessories available for sale to B2B & regular retail customers at

How are our products made?

Our products are all 3D printed from a temperature resistant, medical grade ABS plastic.  We produce all of our filament in house and have developed our own method to achieve the highly unique, multi color look. 



This material was originally developed for the medical industry to be used in small, long term implantable medical devices like pacemakers.  It was specifically designed to be chemically inert inside the human body which means it also won’t leech any harmful chemicals into your water or add any plastic taste to your smoke.  Some of the not so obvious benefits are:

  • It is more temperature resistant and stable than most 3D printed plastic and emits no smell during processing even when production is done on a large scale. 
  • Another great feature of this material is the ability to smooth the layer lines with an acetone-based process, once the pieces are sealed and cured there are no longer tiny voids between the layers where bacteria can grow. 
  • This material is also completely alcohol safe so you can clean it just like your favorite glass piece.
  • All clear tubing is PET-G tubing, this is essentially an extrudable water bottle plastic.

All of our pieces feature a glass downstem and bowl and are designed to make sure the hot smoke never comes in contact with plastic until it has been cooled and filtered by water.  It hits just like glass, giving you the pleasure of tasting your smoke and not your piece. 

There are a lot of 3D printed products out there in the market, but here at KaydMayd we do it different.  Our process has taken over 5 years to fully develop, and to date we have invested over $100,000 in just our filament production alone.  Was it worth it? YES!!! Even better now is that we can produce pieces that are safe, durable, lightweight, great tasting, and infinitely unique!

If you’re interested in learning more about other KaydMayd smoking accessories shop with us online or follow us via social media.